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Professional garden landscaping is broadly categorized into soft and hard types. The soft version deals with natural elements related to the soil, plants and trees, irrigation, tilling etc. The hard version is about the design and construction and installation of architectural elements. The professional Landscape Gardener has the expertise and experience in merging the two categories to create the masterpieces of modern eco systems.

Hard Landscaping – Scaling and Sequencing

The scaling factors determine the size of individual elements with relevance to the overall architecture. With our professional landscaping service we considers driveways, pavements, patios, waterfalls, gates, decking, and others made of stone, concrete, metal and other hardware elements. Sequencing refers to the order in which twe map our location from the starting point to the finishing point, including all the connectors between them.

Pavements – Simple and Sophisticated

  • Design: Pavements are mainly meant for foot traffic within the garden. They can be part of the sidewalks, courtyard and patios etc.
  • Materials: Stones, concrete, and asphalt are the key elements used for construction. Bricks, granite, and limestone can also be added. Modern landscapers also use fiberglass and synthetic materials to increase the aesthetic aspects of the structures. Good drainage system and quality aggregates help in prolonging the lifespan of pavements. 
  • Construction: Pavements are the canvas elements wherein the architect uses his artistic creativity to color and design the paths.  

Driveways – Strong and Durable

  • Design: Driveways are mainly used for vehicular traffic. They should be integrated with the key pavement paths in the garden. They may extend from the exterior roads to the core of the garden and the residential and parking structures.
  • Materials: The most preferred materials for driveways are concrete and asphalt with aggregates. 
  • Construction: The construction process starts with excavation and basement installation. Thickness of the sub-base, base, bedding, joint material and top concrete layer depends on the volume of traffic /unit time and average load.           The path, length, landscaping and drainages etc depend on the total area covered and soft landscape design.

Patios –Serene and Aesthetic

  • Design: Patios are the most creatively paved structures in the garden. The designing elements are inspiring, relaxing, spacious, ambivalent, serene and splendid. 
  • Materials:  Colored/plain Concrete, aggregates, limestone, granite, synthetic materials, fiberglass, and stone are some of the materials for patios.
  • Construction: Patios are the ultimate architectural elements used for dining, partying, relaxing and recreational activities.  Hence, the landscape gardener takes lot of care in balancing the aesthetics, precision, design, texture, contours and coloring of the structures.

Decks – Safety and Décor

  • Design:  Decks are designed to elevate the surroundings of buildings, pools, ponds, water fountains and other exterior structures of the garden. 
  • Materials: Concrete wood, stone, granite, limestone, and silica with aggregates are some of the materials used in the construction of decks.
  • Construction: The construction of decks is based on the safety, aesthetics, architecture and exterior décor of homes and gardens.

We use similar practices for the construction of other hard landscaping elements like fencing and gates, protection & retaining walls, waterfalls.

We can improve the aesthetics to your property and garden with our Property Renovation Milton Keynes services, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote, and see what a difference we can make to your property.

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MK Property Renovations recently landscaped the whole of my back garden and added built a new patio, they are extremely professional and did a fantastic job, I can't recommend them highly enough.

Paul Jones

We purchased an 18th century cottage recently, in a very poor state of repair, MK have done an amazing job in helping to transform the cottage into what is now a beautiful home, I would certainly use them in the future and recommend them to others in need of their services.

Melissa Henry

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